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Real smooth Chris . Lmfao

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I get no messages, aren’t I popular?


Tumblr famous people get message (200) and they’re all like:

I get message (1) and I’m all:

If I got (200) in my ask I’d be like:

And I’d be answering them like a boss:

but no, no one ever sends me anything.

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I’ve noticed that all emotions and feelings are heightened on tumblr.

Sadness in reality;

Sadness on tumblr;

Happiness in reality;

Happiness on tumblr;

Anger in reality;

Anger on tumblr;

Fear in reality;

Fear on tumblr;

Shock in reality;

Shock on tumblr;

Love in reality;

Love on tumblr;

But I’m not complaining; its fantastic.

Excitement in Reality:

Excitement on Tumblr:

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